Basingstoke Festival of Transport

Sunday 12 May 2013

I always look forward to the Basingstoke event and this year the event was just as popular as ever. Our club stand was in the usual place by the gate. If you are there early all the vehicles coming in to the memorial park can be viewed from the stand. Everything from motorbikes, cars of all descriptions, lorries both light and heavy, buses, coaches and military vehicles plus stationary engines were all there. All the vehicles are well restored and it is a pleasure to look round the fields which join together but a narrow section in the middle tends to make the rally appear to be in two sections. The Auto-jumble stalls are placed all round the second section together with plant and craft stalls for the ladies to browse. The usual catering and ice cream vans  were there with permanent queues all day long.

The stand was well supported with twelve vehicles on display. An excellent turn out I thought, when fuel costs are taken into consideration. I was unable to bring an eligible vehicle due to building work at home and my drive way dug up !! So I brought down club signs etc in my everyday car. First to arrive as I was  setting up was Colin Peck in his 1936 Model 68 Woodie. This vehicle has been the subject of much detail work this past winter and looked excellent. Bob and Val Lintott were next to arrive in their 1935 Model 48 Cabriolet. Bob is keeping this vehicle in superb condition. Like the woodie I have known of the Cabriolet since the 1970s and it is good to know they are still being looked after. Roger Wiltshire arrived in his Ford V8 Pilot Police car. Again in superb condition Roger says he keeps polishing it. This has benefitted the car as it seemed to have an extra shine. Roger also had on display his oil filter conversion plates for the V8 Pilot, enabling owners to use a modern screw on filter an excellent idea. John Clark came up from Sussex in his 1936 Model 68 Phaeton. This vehicle is in regular use for Weddings and was on our NEC show stand two years ago. John always spends much time to keep this vehicle in top condition.  Our Military Secretary Robert Davey displayed his WOT Staff Car, which is one of the only ones running in this country. Possibly this was the rarest V8 on the stand!  Chris Hawkins  arrived on the stand in his Ford V8 Pilot. A black example, that Chris uses every day. This vehicle was restored by Ginger Dann so as you can imagine is a superb example. Members arriving now thick and fast and our Brighton fun organiser Malcolm Cariven came on to the stand in his immaculate V8 Pilot. This car in green was followed by another green example driven by Richard Savin our London Area Secretary with his wife Carol. Also in the car were Geoff and Sheila Smith Our membership and magazine distribution  committee members. Richard always keeps his V8 Pilot in mint condition and I believe has attended Basingstoke since day one. Geoff is having his 1946 Ford Coupe re-sprayed at the moment. Two excellent Convertibles now, the 1940 Ford Model 01A owned by Terry and Cheryl Bridle, another rare Ford which is kept in immaculate condition by Terry. Rob and Rita Young followed , in their 1951 Ford Convertible.  A pristine car, which attracted much attention on the stand. We had two Commercial representatives. The 1937 Ford Pickup owned by Dave Leach which was restored by him and a 1941 half ton Pickup owned by Norman Bloor.

Other members on the stand who reported steady progress on their restoration projects were: Frank and Ali Jiggens, Steven Owen, Bob Thomas and ET6 owner Harry Clark.

Our problematic weather was kind to us in a way as it did not rain until just after 3 o`clock, enabling members to enjoy most of the day.

Another good day for the club, and all those who attended.


Your roving reporter

    Chris Sanders

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